Needs Musical Instrumentttt naooo!!

I want a piano rite now, no a violin, no just something i can play music on with my hand. To feel the vibrations as i play it.To hear that eargasmic sound of a perfect A. To understand it in depth and be able to geek out in the colors of the sound. To make what we know as music and lose myself in the paradise.

Sad cant recall my dreams today as i woke

Ok so there should be a link to a directory of my dreams now. It will be updated frequently and i will let notifications of new posts i make into the directory.

Dream Two - Zombie Device -

Its dusk heading to night time. We jumped down from a fence and end up in the back of someones house. We approach the house to sliding glass door and there stands a cute little Chinese girl is there staring at us. I slide the door open, pick her up and walked in even further to look for anyone else. Found a guy which i assume was the father. He looked surprised and i hand her him to show that we come in peace. He took him kid with him to the bedroom and shut the door. We then started to discus about the game we are in. Zombies. One of our men went to town to question about a new weird device. He comes back with Intel that the device was somewhere in the house and that on his way back people were dropping to the ground having seizures. They are on their way to transforming into Zombies. We split up to search the house.We searched and search not knowing exactly what we are looking for. Then one of the guys questions what if its not laying around the house but inside it? We move the carpet and see white smoke puffing out from a small trap door hidden underneath the carpet. We quickly pulled it out and inside was a small treasure chest with dragon imprints running along the sides. Inside that box was a bottle with an exotic cap to it. A Spade shaped cap that does one twist to the top. On impulse I grabbed the bottle opened the door and chucked it out to the ground to break it. It split into 4 perfect pieces like how a hot knife goes through butter. As that happened a strong gust of wind overcame us all. I turned around to see what we are going to do next. Everything vanished and all i could hear was this blaring noise. BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!. I open my eyes and wake back into a world called Reality. 

Dream Diary - Epic Boat Ride-

Going about the place we are staying at looking for shampoo and hair gel. Finally found it in the second bathroom and brought it over in the first bathroom to use. I fk’ed up by putting too much gel on first and i didnt shampoo first for some reason. So quickly i washed it all off and re-did the gel but as i was applying the gel i noticed my the my hair is half brown from the roots now. Was I freaked out? Nope. Finally my hair is something different other than black. I stopped admiring my new hair color and finish spiking up my hair and quickly rushed out the door. As i head out the door my brother quickly followed. It was dark out, about midnight. I can feel the chilly autumn breeze but it wasn’t autumn just yet. We dashed towards Phia and Thao’s place to get them. The door to their house was half-broken at a 30 degree angle from the top left corner at about four feet from the ground. I opened the door on accident and it fell. I panicked and scrambled to get the door back in place quickly before i got in trouble but as i was doing it a figure from the house asked us if we were looking for Phia and Thao. I assumed this figure was their father and answered him. However neither of the them came out of the door with us to where ever we are going.

 It also is no longer night now and everything is bright, sunny, and warm. Suddenly there’s a big ass panda sitting on top of a donkey hopping over what looks like those huge storage containers used to transport good on ships. All the storage containers were laying down the long way and there were many different colors. We are seeing all this from a bird’s eye view. It’s almost as if i was in a video game and somehow reminds me of Mario or Banjokazooie. The panda stopped and turned around what seems like the end of the stage. As it did i switched from the sky-view into first person and i was staring at this freakish combination in the eye. How cute the panda was with is everlasting smile that matches the donkey’s. Then it dissapeared and out of nowhere i’m surrounded by these Hmong guys who i were around my age. I was puzzled for a bit but then came to realize these are my buddies. When did i have so many friends. One of them slapped me hard on the back and told me that he was glad i could make it only for that to be followed up with the other 4 guys. 

We figured we have to finish this game of Mario. As we were about to climb them Phia shows up and bro’s do what we do best. Surround him, slap him hard on the back and “Dude, Glad you can make it!”. Except me. I just put my hand up and said “Yo, Sup.” Back to our epic game, we made it to the top with each other only to jump onto a speed boat at the edge. Apparently its also on water too. Everyone jumped onto the boat with our own unique style. I did a forward flip, kick off the edge, side spin into a forward spin. I landed with right fist and knee on boat with left hand on left knee and head looking down. Dayuumm im good. Hahahaa. As we all landed on the speed boat we disperse for seats as one of our buddies starts it up. I took the seat on the left side closest to the front, embracing for a real bumpy ride. Intersting enough my manager from where i work(IRL) is here to turn on all the camera’s and TV’s associated with them. She then took her seat next to the controls which are on the front right side of the boat. 

ZOOM we just went. Felt like we went 0 to 140 in a matter of .3 seconds soaring into the air. Am i scared shit less? HELL YEAH I AM! But only for that initial start. From there we went headed down to what looks like a parking garage like the ones in down town area’s of big cities. Down and down we went at full speed. The driver is a God. Despite the speed we are at he is able to make all the sharp turns, corners and frequently launching us into the air perfectly. There were also times where the boat would tilt 90 degrees to the side in the air and we would land perfectly safe. He took the boat going around in circles between the first floor and second as we wait for the gate to open doing them crazy ass turns. The gate finally finished opening and instantly we soar’ed out of there into the sun.

We landed from our epic flight and all i can see are just waterways where street traffic should be. Everything is on water and its like we are at a carnival! There was an open shop trading coins for prizes at the a fork in the big wide water path. Trees and water grass forms the paths for the waterways. Our God speeds us past that open shop and upwards to what appears to be a free-waterway/highway. Only when we were on this path did i realize how exciting this boat ride is that i caught myself smiling the entire time. Bumping up and down on the waves with this nice ocean smell and the wind in my face. 

I hear Autumn Leaves playing and instantly this world went blank and i find myself waking up into a dull gray morning. I hate the gray skies.

ps. All my recorded dreams may sound like they don’t flow, choppy, ,or makes sense. Even i say WTF at my dreams. I record it all as i can remember as best as i can. If there seems to be a lack of information there probably was a lack of information in my dreams too. IDK im weird like that…

So i awoke with a crazy and interesting dream today. I think im going to start a dream log here. Its going to be interesting XD

I think this is far more interesting than my old unused topic/page.

My life has been a bitter disappointment. All my hard work that i do only end in mediocre results. Its not that i don’t see my work and the results correctly because believe me i, what i put in never comes out near 100% but that’s to be expected. Instead it more like 60% or 70% when it should really be 85-9X%. Also all the things that i do for people, i often times feels like its taken for granted unless its my family. I have lost faith in humanity, even dogs will appreciate the things i do for them. People will miss me when i stop going out of my way for them. Sometimes i wish i was a psychopath but sadly not cuz i got


Truly the only way!!!!


Heh, chicken strips and finally some music to save myself. Interesting combination. 

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